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Protection bags can refer to a variety of bags designed to provide protection to their contents during storage, transportation, and handling. Some common types of protection bags include:

1. Anti-static bags: These bags are designed to protect electronic components from electrostatic discharge (ESD) during transport and storage.

2. Moisture barrier bags: These bags are used to protect sensitive equipment or materials from moisture, humidity, and corrosion.

3. Tamper-evident bags: These bags are designed to prevent unauthorized access to their contents and can be used to protect valuable items or evidence during transport.

4. Shock-resistant bags: These bags are made of materials that provide shock absorption and cushioning to protect fragile or delicate items during transport.

5. UV-resistant bags: These bags are designed to protect their contents from ultraviolet (UV) radiation, which can cause damage to certain materials over time.

6. Oxygen-absorbing bags: These bags are used to protect food and other perishable items from oxidation and spoilage by removing oxygen from the packaging.

Overall, protection bags are important for ensuring that the contents remain safe and intact during storage and transport.