Why trade with us

Shiny SunShine Ltd. is an international company offering services for creation of products and personalized packaging.

We design the best affordable quality packaging products for every type of use.

Made and shipped all over the world for you.

Attractive and practical in all sizes, shapes and colors in a wide range of styles and materials.

We are here for you and your business

Treat us as your service provider here to serve you best in your needs and help you grow your business.

We can also help you with your custom branding and help make your own product design go onto a production line.

 Why trading companies like us are the best choice for small or big importers?

 Let us explain.We think it depends on several factors, such as:

1)      Do you have time to follow development & production? Can you spend,

say, 10 hours a week for each product and each supplier?

2)      Can you come to China, visit factories, and get to know each person you will work with?

3)      Do you have the basic technical understanding that is required to speak intelligibly about your product and your market’s requirements so suppliers really understand what it is you want and your needs?

4)      Have you found a manufacturer that understands what you mean, that has English-speaking or French-speaking salespeople on staff, and that is interested in your business?

The more “no’s” you answered, the better you will be with us.

The fourth question (finding an interested manufacturer) is often the main obstacle to small importers. Large factories don’t want to spend time working on very small quantities. We can often find small factories that are interested in your small orders… and that is able to deal directly with us.

 For now, let us show what exactly we can do for you.

A) To make your work more effectively.

1) We are professional at finding good manufactures, and we already have a long list of suppliers and contact in many different industries for all types of products.

2) We do all the research, billing transaction, importing, custom papers and shipping to you.

Making you save valuable time and resources, not trying to find suppliers from different industries, so you will have time to focus with other business you need to do.

B)  To make your order a reality.

1) No matter your order is small or big, we can give the resources to make it happen.

2) We take care of finding multiple suppliers so that we can make your business work with the best quality and prices at all time.

3) We go on-site to visit suppliers manufacturing company, and take pictures and video for you.  So you don’t need to go to China by yourself. 

4) We verify the merchandise that will be made for you so it will be to your specification.

5) We will ship to you sample to test the products. (Fee for samples and shipping apply.)  

C)  To help make it easy for you we take care of all the communication.

1) Our Staff is fluent in French, English and Chinese.