3 side sealed zip lock packaging Mylar bags

Let’s design and make the perfect 3 side sealed zip lock Mylar packaging printable bags, tell us about your project and let make this a reality.

3 side sealed white zip lock packaging Mylar bags

Shiny SunShine Custom printed 3 side sealed zip lock Mylar packaging bags.

Three-side sealed zip lock packaging Mylar bags are a type of flexible packaging commonly used for storing and preserving various items such as food, pharmaceuticals, electronics, and other products.

The term "Mylar" refers to a type of polyester film that is often used as a barrier material in flexible packaging. It is known for its excellent tensile strength, moisture resistance, and oxygen barrier properties, making it ideal for food and other perishable items that require a longer shelf life.

The three-side sealed zip lock design is a popular choice for Mylar bags because it allows for easy opening and resealing of the bag while maintaining its barrier properties. The three sides are heat sealed to create a pouch, and the fourth side features a zip lock closure for convenience and easy access to the contents.

These bags come in a variety of sizes and can be custom printed with brand logos, product information, and other details to meet specific packaging needs.

  • Let’s make the perfect custom printed 3 side sealed printable Mylar bags with zip lock for your business projects, all of this customized per your request.
  • If you already have your brand and logo made we can use them as is or we can maybe help you with designing new printed Mylar bags and all other product packaging you need.
  • As well for printing processes we use all CMYK and Pantone colors.
  • We can do many types of shape and models customize per your request.
  • We can use all the types of materials for high quality food grade material such as OPP PET PA CPP PE and more.

Product Information.


  • Custom 3 side sealed zip lock printed packaging Mylar bags from Shiny SunShine.


  • They are Different ways to make you laminated material depending on how many layers you want to use.

A. If you use 2 layers here are some examples of ways of doing it.

For transparent packaging you can use:

  1. BOPP with CPP or BOPP and PE you can also use.
  2. PET with CPP or PET and PE.

For opaque packaging you can use: 

  1. Matt BOPP with PE or Matt BOPP with CPP and for a metallized look you can use,
  2. VMCPP with PE or VMCPP with BOPP.

For a stronger packaging we would suggest using NY and PE.

B. If you use 3 layers here are some examples of ways of doing it.

For a transparent type of packaging bag, you can use:

  1. BOPP with PET and PE
  2. BOPP with PET and CPP.

For a materialized type of packaging bag, you can use many types of combination.

  1. PET with AL and PE.
  2. PET with AL and CPP.
  3. PET with VMPET and PE.
  4. BOPP with AL and PE.
  5. BOPP with AL and CPP.
  6. NY with VMPET and PE.


  • cloth and apparel.

Brand logo & printing:

  • CMYK or Pantone colours at your custom request. For more details please go to Brand logo & printing or Contact us.


  • The thickness will vary depending on the type of product you have, the weight and the size of packaging you need, when designing your zip lock 3 side sealed printable Mylar packaging bags we will find the best thickness for your needs.


  • Customizable to your need.


  • Customizable to your need.

Quality control:

  1. Raw material.
  2. Production process.
  3. 100% QC before shipment.


  • OEM or ODM, customize design which you can offer, if needed we can help you design the perfect bag for your business. Please go see FAQ or Contact us.

Sample Time:

  • To be determined according to your needs. Please go to FAQ or Contact us.

Production time:

  • To be determined according to your needs. Please go to FAQ or Contact us.

Different bag styles for your reference.

Fruit vent bag

Single bag

Top handle bag

Side seal bag

Bag with adhesive strip

Wicketed bag for machine

Bottom seal bag

Back seal bag

Sheet in roll

8 sealed bag

Side gusset bag

Zip lock bag

Top header bag

Soft loop

Swing arm

Stand up pouch

Shrink rap

Special shaped bag

Non-woven bag

Bottom gusset bag

Woven bag

PVC bag

Bottom seal with vent

Pillow bag

Bubble sheet

Mesh Bag

K-seal bag

Spout pouch

Fin/lap sealed bag

Rope closing bag

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