Custom packaging bags for fresh fruits.

Let’s design and make the perfect fresh fruit bags for your business, tell us your needs, what's your project and let us help you make this a reality.

Custom plastic food packaging bags for fresh fruits with food grade material.

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Shiny SunShine Custom plastic food packaging bags for fresh fruits, food grade material.

Custom packaging bags for fresh fruits are an important consideration for businesses that want to protect and preserve their products during transport and storage. Here are some key considerations when designing custom packaging bags for fresh fruits:

1. Material: Choose a material that is breathable, durable, and lightweight, while also protecting the fruits from moisture and contamination. Common materials include polyethylene, polypropylene, and polyester.

2. Size: Consider the size of the fruits and how many fruits you want to include in each bag. The bag should be designed to fit the fruits snugly and securely, while also allowing room for air circulation.

3. Design: The design of the packaging should be visually appealing and reflective of your brand. Consider incorporating your brand logo and colors, as well as any other design elements that will make your packaging stand out.

4. Resealable: Consider incorporating a resealable feature into the packaging to allow customers to easily access the fruits while also keeping them fresh for longer periods of time.

5. Labeling: The packaging should be labeled clearly with any important information such as the type of fruits, weight, and usage instructions. You can also use this opportunity to incorporate branding elements such as your website, social media handles, and other relevant information.

6. Environmental impact: Consider the environmental impact of the packaging when designing your custom packaging bags for fresh fruits. Look for materials that are recyclable or biodegradable, and consider incorporating sustainability messaging into your packaging design.

7. Protection: Consider adding protective features to the packaging, such as cushioning or padding, to prevent the fruits from being damaged during transport.

Overall, custom packaging bags for fresh fruits can help businesses protect and preserve their products during transport and storage, while also enhancing the customer experience through visually appealing design and clear labeling. By choosing the right materials, design elements, and labeling and branding, you can create a packaging solution that reflects positively on your brand and meets the needs of your customers.

Let’s make the perfect fresh fruit bags for your business projects, all of this customized per your request.

If you already have your brand and logo made we can use them as is or we can maybe help you with designing new fresh fruit bags and all other product packaging you need.

As well for printing processes we use all CMYK and Pantone colors.

We can do many types of shape and models customize per your request as well as many types of handles.

We can use all the types of materials for high quality food grade material. Such as OPP PET PA CPP PE and more.

Product Information.


  • Custom plastic bags for food packaging, food grade material from shiny sunshine.


  • OPP / PET / PA / CPP / PE, etc.


  • Fruits and vegetables.

Brand logo & printing:

  • CMYK or Pantone colours at your custom request. For more details please go to Brand logo & printing or Contact us.


  • The thickness will vary depending on the type of product you have, the weight and the size of packaging you need, when designing your fresh fruit packaging bags we will find the best thickness for your needs.


  • Customizable to your need.


  • Self-adhesive, gusset bag, 3-side sealed bag, normal-seal stand up bags, etc.
  • Customizable to your need.

Quality control:

  1. Raw material.
  2. Production process.
  3. 100% QC before shipment.


  • OEM or ODM, customize design which you can offer, if needed we can help you design the perfect bag for your business. Please go see FAQ or Contact us.

Sample Time:

  • To be determined according to your needs. Please go to FAQ or Contact us.

Production time:

  • To be determined according to your needs. Please go to FAQ or Contact us.

Different bag styles for your reference.

Fruit vent bagSingle bagTop handle bag
Side seal bagBag with adhesive stripWicketed bag for machine
Bottom seal bagBack seal bagSheet in roll
8 sealed bagSide gusset bagZip lock bag
Top header bagSoft loopSwing arm
Stand up pouchShrink rapSpecial shaped bag
Non-woven bagBottom gusset bagWoven bag
PVC bagBottom seal with ventPillow bag
Bubble sheetMesh BagK-seal bag
Spout pouchFin/lap sealed bagRope closing bag

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